Do You Trust artist rendering.

Do You Trust?

It always comes down to this question. Whatever your circumstance in life, dire or blessed, do you have faith that things are just as they should be or do you believe that the source in its infinite intelligence has made a mistake?

Or do you and can you trust, surrender to and accept what is?

Do you fear the future and what it may bring? Or can you surrender and let the universe take the lead in your dance? Do you trust? Or do you fear and resent?

What if it was true that every single one of us has a benevolent guide from above watching over us? What if there is actually a huddle of your very own personal benevolent guides? ... and these beings they are sweetly watching over you at all times. Would you trust then? or would you still doubt?

What if you are so infinitely lucky to have found your own tribe of benevolent guides in a human form? Your people, your tribe, your true family.... and you knew in your bones that they always always had your back... no matter what the circumstance. How would you feel? Would you trust then?

My art piece aims at creating a space to experience this feeling of being held by a tribe. It is essentially a huddle of 5 beings with space at the bottom of the huddle for a participant to seek shade, rest and contemplate on being lovingly held. The piece will have an audio recording of a meditation on the subject of trust.

The Inspiration

My inspiration comes from my search for a physical representation and a symbol that would provide an interactive experience of the first level of psychological and spiritual evolution. In psychology according to Erikson this developmental stage is called Trust VS. Mistrust. In Chakra system it is a level where we are preoccupied with our own existential safety. In Christian religion, it is the sacrament of baptism, or being welcomed into the human community. If we transpose all of these one on to the other, as Caroline Myss did so brilliantly in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit”, the essence is distilled into one question that is being asked out of each one of us: Do you trust? and same question but different flavor:Can you fully accept what has been dealt to you in this lifetime, at this moment? Can you accept and surrender and continue to make that choice every day as life hurls changes at you? And can you carry that circumstance with honor, courage and faith?

Whether you trust or fear will determine the decisions you make in your life from minuscule to big ones. And your circumstance in life is determined by your program of whether you fear or trust. Our families imprint this program upon us and we either have a sense of belonging and being held by the benevolent universe or we feel the opposite and that is fear, mistrust, doubt and resistance. Later in life we have the opportunity to become conscious of our imprinted dispositions and choose to reprogram ourselves.

My art piece embodies the space of a benevolent tribe and the audio that will accompany the structure will lead the participant into a lullaby of surrender and trust. For all the circumstances of my life that have lead me up to now and the way my faith has been tested and rewarded, I feel called to bring this forward. It is my gift and homage that I pledge in deep reverence to this severe, gorgeous and passionate life.

The Design

The structure is roughly 9 feet tall and 8 feet in diameter. It is a huddle of 5 people. There is space at the base of their feet for a few participants to seek shade, rest and contemplate. Their heads are touching and they are looking down smiling at the participant. The heads touch in order to suggest a unified vision and goal. The structure is an archetypal image and a universal symbol of a tribe in communion. People holding each other in a circle is nothing new. It occurs in all of the cultures and across all of the ages. So my art piece is not original in that way but it is much needed remembrance and homage paid to community. You belong! It says. We need to hear this right now. The world needs to hear this right now!

The Engineering

Each of the figures are made of wire welded together to make a skeleton. It is then covered by wire mesh which in turn will be covered by cloth and resin. Once we have all five of them, we will fit them together and position them into a huddle. They will be painted the color of the white desert floor. Each of the figures will be illuminated from inside making the whole being glow. The light will be blue.

The Audio and Lighting

The piece will have a surround sound system. It will play a recorded guided meditation that is on the subject of trust, acceptance and community. Syncopated breath instructions will guide the participant into sweet surrender of the breath rhythm combined with the positive messages slipping in and out of one's consciousness. Devotional poetry, Alan Watts inspirational talks and love letters written in different languages will also be incorporated. All these will be mixed in with ambient music to provide a soft landing sound strip.

At night, the structure will glow blue light from inside of each of the figures. The color blue gives a nurturing and gentle tone to the aesthetic of the piece. Looking at it from far away, it will appear as blue glowing people hugging together. In fact, since the blue light carries far away but also appears to twinkle in the dark, this element of the aesthetic will inspire curiosity and hopefully draw people in for a visit. As the participant gets closer, what appears to be giant blue people dancing in the circle rarify the moment into clarity that this is a huddle of 5. Participant will naturally want to see it closer and from the inside. Once inside, the audio with its hypnotic and lullaby like meditation will envelop the participant into richness of the moment of being inside of a huddle of blue glowing giant creatures holding them in safety. The night time exhibition of this piece will outline the silhouettes and the space of stillness intended for the experience.

The Ritual Dance

I plan on having a ritual and a dance that will be devoted to and describe the dynamic of getting to the state of trust. I will recruit from the community and this is another aspect of the interactivity of my entire art project.