Lana Radivojevic

Lead Artist/Producer

I am originally from Serbia. I came here for good in 1999 escaping the war in my country. Since then I became an x-ray tech and completed my masters in counseling psychology with specialty in Expressive Art Therapy. This experience has shown me how soul processes melt with different modalities of art. For a brief period of time I was a part of cabaret clown troupe in San Francisco called Fou Fou Ha and this is how I first discovered Burning Man. My other forms of expression find them self through painting, dance and cooking. I am also into cross-fit, yoga and hoping to call myself a surfer one day too.

I am beyond excited to bring this project to life and onto the playa!
IG @Lanaradradi

Brett Phelps

Lead Engineer/ Project Manager and Advisor

Ten years ago, I hit the playa for the for the first time. It was everything!!! I came back with new ideas and sense of self. It gave me the courage to do as the universe intended me to do. I was on unemployment at that time and didn’t have much. I sold an old trailer and took a small loan out on a knife collection my father passed down to me, at the local pawn shop. I bought tools!!!!! Today I have a thriving business and am the owner of Phelps Marquee. We build signs and artistically driven installation pieces for individuals and businesses. I am blessed to have my work commissioned and shown all over the world.
IG @phelpsmarquee

Barney Reagan

Project Co-lead/ Master Welder and Advisor

First of all, Barney is a virgin. Barney had no idea what he has gotten himself into when he agreed to do a few tac welds here and there for this project. But there is a reason why he is on this team. Barney has trust! Everyone should be more like Barney!

Other than that, Barney is an Irish Mexican who grew up in Rosarito, Mexico. He is into motorcycle art, hotrods and restoring cars from the 50’s. He is metal shaping wizard of Oz, master of structural welding and fiberglassing. He is that missing link of the quality control universe. Cat friendly.
IG @greaseorama